Product customization

Engrave your initials

Dressage Styles offers you the possibility of engraving your initials on certain articles.

This option is only available for those articles where you can find the section titled "PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION".

You must follow these steps:

1º) In section "Product customization" you will find two text fields where you must type:

- In the first text field, you must type the letters that you want us to engrave. Please, take into account the recommendations about the maximum number of letters, if any.

- In the second text field, you must specify if you want the initials to be engraved with classic letters (Script) or modern ones (Printed characters). If you do not type something we will use Script type.

2º) Once you have done this you must click on "SAVE" button, placed on the right corner of the page.

3º) After this, please, add the product to your shopping cart.

If you open your shopping cart you can see the selected product and below it the details of the customization.

If you want to adquire in the same order the same article, but with a different engrave, please, repeat the described process.

After this, if you open your shopping cart, you can see the selected product, and below it, all the different customizations ordered.

Types of engravements

Script is a type of classic letter, as you can see at the top of the image..

Printed characters are similar to those of newspapers or typewriters, as you can see at the bottom of the image.

Letter size will be chosen by the artisan, taking into account the article and free space.

Tipos de letras

The Artisan's Corner

Dressage Styles also offers you the possibility of ordering some of our articles on demand.

In this section you will find original goods available only on demand. These products will be made exclusively for you.

We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the availability date.

Please, take into account that these articles must be hand made, so their availability may be delayed up to 30 days, depending on the complexity.

Rincon artesano